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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bail?

It is security pledged in exchange for the release of an arrested person to guarantee his or her appearance in court.

How do I start the process to bail someone out of jail?

You call Liberty Bail Bonds at 1-888-242-2245 or look on our contact list. The agent on duty will get the name of the defendant, date of birth, and the jail that the defendant is in. The agent will call the jail, find out the charges, bail amount and any other pertinent information. The agent will then call you back to discuss arranging to get the defendant out of jail.

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a contractual undertaking submitted by a bail agent on behalf of a surety insurance company, guaranteeing the court that they will pay the amount of bail if a defendant fails to appear for his or her required court dates.

What is a bail agent?

A bail agent is a person licensed by the California Department of Insurance to write a bail bond.

What is a defendant?

A person arrested and charged with a violation of the law.

How much does a bail bond cost?

Liberty Bail Bonds charges 10% of the amount of bail plus a $10 service charge. Liberty Bail Bonds also offers a 20% discount off the standard bail bond premium rate for clients of private defense counsel and for union members. Like all other bail bond agencies, the above described fees are required to be filed with the California Department of Insurance.

Do I have to pay all of the bail bond costs up front?

No, if you cannot pay the entire costs up front, our agents will work out a realistic payment plan to help you out. There will be no interest charged.

What is an indemnitor / co-signer?

A person who agrees to be responsible for paying any costs incurred due to the defendants failure to appear in court.

What is forfeiture?

Forfeiture occurs when a defendant fails to appear at a required court appearance. The court is required by law to immediately send a notice of forfeiture to the bail agency and surety insurance company.

What happens when a defendant fails to appear (FTA)?

The court will order the bail bond forfeited. A notice will be sent to the bail agency and surety company. We will try to call the defendant or co-signer to determine the reason of the FTA. Liberty Bail Bonds will have 185 days from the date of the notice to get the defendant back in court or surrendered him or her to jail. 85% of the time the defendant is not intentionally trying to avoid going to court. Usually the FTA is due to a mistake or oversight. Under these circumstances, the bond can be reinstated and the forfeiture set aside if the defendant contacts us immediately after the FTA.

What is a Skip Tracer or Recovery Agent?

A person who is hired, after all efforts have been made to contact the defendant, to locate the defendant and surrender him or her back into custody. Penal Code Section 1299.04 requires these skip tracers to complete a certain amount of training.

What does “exoneration” mean?

A bond is exonerated when the defendant has completed all of his court appearances or, in some instances, when the defendant has been re-arrested after a Failure To Appear. This means that there is no further financial obligation to the court.

What is a “misdemeanor” crime?

Misdemeanors are defined basically as crimes that are punishable by up to one year in the county jail.

What is a “felony” crime?

Felonies are defined basically as crimes that are punishable by one year or more in state prison.

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